Pop quiz: What Was The First Horror Movie To Win AnOscar? Don’t know? The answer is Silence of the Lams. Now imagine having drinks with friends at a pub, and the manager suddenly asks this question to every table with the first person to answer correctly, winning a free meal. Everyone will start thinking of answers and engage in the activity. Hence, pub trivia games are becoming extremely popular. 

But why do people love trivia games so much? There has to be more to a trivia night than winning a free meal or T-shirt. 

Let’s find out!

Why We All Love Pub Trivia Games

Trivia games have become a staple in bars and pubs. With no participant limits, everyone can have a great time answering trivia questions. While there are hundreds of reasons for loving trivia nights at pubs, we have highlighted our top 5:


  • Camaraderie and Company


We all know the importance of the good company, especially when we’re having fun. Playing trivia games with inside jokes, wit, and laughter is a great way to spend time with friends. Besides, camaraderie comes in handy when you’re participating in a trivia night as it allows you to create a common sense of purpose. 

Colleagues who spend time with each other after work can form a strong social bond both personally and professionally by working together while answering trivia questions


  • Another Reason to Chill Out for a Drink or Meal with Friends


Sometimes, we need an incentive to put away our phones and get out of our beds on weekends. With COVID-19 limiting connections, you don’t want long-distance friendships while living in the same neighborhood or city. Trivia nights at pubs can remind you of the importance of companionship, reduce stress, and boost your happiness with food and drinks included. 


  • Learning Something New Every Time


By answering trivia questions, you retain information about different topics. Trivia is like taking your brain for a workout by collecting and deploying information. Even if you fail to answer correctly, you’ll still go home with more knowledge than you came in with. 


  • The Chance to Win Free Drinks, Meals, Prizes, or Money


Trivia is an incentive-based activity, and participants expect some prize for winning.  While most pubs offer free drinks or meals to winners, some offer money and other prizes like trips, concert tickets, and accessories.


  • Friendly Competition


By enhancing your socialization opportunities, you will know your friends, colleagues, and neighbors more through friendly competition. In the end, no matter who wins, everyone ends up having a great time. 

Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, there are more reasons why people love pub trivia games. Whether it’s the trivia questions or the people you’re playing with that make it fun for you, you’re guaranteed to have a memorable experience. 

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