Started with 7 teams, got to 8, ended with 6 after kicking a team out. I did kick out one team as they were cheating the whole game, however they were doing so bad I didn’t care and figured I’d ignore it. At the end though they started to get some questions right and had a chance at winning so I kicked them out, the manager and bartender were aware of the situation.”,”Buffalo Wild Wings in Belmar is a great place to be Wednesday nights! It’s always so much fun here and the staff at the BWW is absolutely AWESOME! JAMMIN’ Trivia of course only makes it better, and everyone always enjoys themselves. It doesn’t matter what place these teams come in, cus it sure looks like they’re having fun no matter what! Way to go team Sexy though for pulling off another victory, for another consecutive week! Can anybody beat them?!?!

DJ Cameron