Do you have kids? Do you work late? Or do you just not go out during the week? Well, it’s time to get a sitter for the kids for one night (to start), or to take an evening off during the week, Or to go out for dinner and stay to play a game.

It’s important to set aside time every week to get out and enjoy something other than your daily routine. Statistics say that a active life is a healthy life. Every job from a stay at home mom to a full time career is enough to add stress to your week. It is important to find time during the week to break the mold and get out and socialize.

What can I do

There are several options for enjoying a break away evening. You can go out to your favorite bar or your favorite beverage spot and enjoy the company of a friend or significant other. You can go out to dinner, maybe go see a movie. You can go out and have a nice competitive evening battling your friends and/or co-workers in a game of Pub Trivia or karaoke.

You see the van around town, if you have been to a tailgate party in the past two years you have seen the JAMMBulance, and if you go to Applebee’s, CB & family-feud-gamePotts, Bout Time, Matt’s Place or any of our other wonderful locations, you have seen our Trivia and Family Feud games. If you have not seen or heard of any of these things, why not? It’s time to check us out and what we do.

If you like Trivia or Family Feud, Find out what night each game is at, what the location is, and what time the game will be played by going to our website. Grab your friends, make it a date night, and come check out the games. You may find out you are having too much fun that all the sudden the game is over and you are bummed. Then you think, will they be here next week at the same time? YES! JAMMIN’ DJ’s will be back the next week at the same time. So, you, once again, come play with more friends or make it another date night. Soon, you find yourself looking forward to that night, every week. It just becomes part of your weekly routine. And now, you have another thing added to your weekly routine yet, it’s something fun, and doesn’t take up much time. Call us today to find out how to get these fun games at your location.