By, Kevin Gillikin

19-124JAMMIN’ Trivia has been a tried and tested bit of fun for the last fifteen years and there’s no doubt that it’s two hours of the smartest fun you’ll have in the Mile High State.  Great questions, hoppin music and trained, entertaining DJs are all hugely important to the success of an enjoyable evening. They aren’t, however, the most important part to the recipe to a great night of trivia.

More important than the guy/gal who can talk behind the mic or the challenging but not impossible trivia, is the19-147 venue itself. The restaurant or bar that wants JAMMIN’ there as the icing on the cake to their evenings is what really brings people in and helps the DJs perform at the highest level.

There are many reasons why folks would come to one bar rather than another but I think there are three that stick out above the others:




These are three attributes that ‘The Rusty Bucket’ has in spades and that’s why JAMMIN’ Trivia has19-122 had a working relationship with them for over two years.  Trivia DJ, Michael Cuculich, has been there since the beginning and he has a very solid group of regulars coming back week after week.

They have cheap beer  – $6 pitchers of Bud, Bud Light and Coors Light (during events or football). They have a warm, welcoming bar and dining area that will immediately put you at ease and make you feel at home.  They also have some of the nicest staff and most enjoyable regulars you will come across!

A couple things about ‘The Rusty Bucket’: The bar, conveniently located on Wadsworth and Hamden (hwy 285) has been the Rusty Bucket for seven years and has become well known in the area for:  Good food, cheep beer, live music and Steeler’s football.

When I say Steelers’ football I don’t want you to imagine a few terrible towels throughout the building and the Pittsburgh games shown on Sunday. This is THE Steelers bar. Google it, I dare you. “Denver 19-25Steelers Bar” and your first selection is ‘The Rusty Bucket’. There is Pittsburgh paraphernalia everywhere around the bar, on the walls, on the ceiling, black and gold is scattered any place you look and during games the bar goes absolutely bonkers. In short, if you are a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and you’re looking for some like-minded friends, ‘The Rusty Bucket’ is without doubt the place for you.

It’s also one of the top live music (especially live jazz) venues in Lakewood and all of the Denver Metro19-96 area. Big Head Todd has been a regular and every week Al Chesis and Eric Boa bring in their skills and local Jazz bands to bring music to your ears. There is live music on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights and when you’ve experienced it once I guarantee that you’ll be hooked.

Tuesday is the best night at ‘The Rusty Bucket'(maybe I’m biased) with JAMMIN’ Trivia from 7-9.  Great prizes of $30, $20 and a pitcher of beer for your next visit, given to the first, second and third place teams of that night’s trivia . Oh did I mention that trivia is FREE to play? Come in, drink affordably, eat your fill and play JAMMIN’ Trivia for your chance to win amazing prizes!19-109

Be sure to make it to ‘The Rusty Bucket’, Denver’s home for Pittsburgh Steelers fans and live jazz, and JAMMIN’ Trivia on Tuesdays 7-9. With cheap beer, a great, cozy atmosphere and the best people around, you can’t go wrong any night of the week in Lakewood’s sweetest little bar but there’s just no excuse for you not to show up on Tuesday nights for Denver’s best, JAMMIN’ Trivia.