It is AWESOME to be slowly generating a “following” again!! We started out the night with 7 TEAMS (half of those teams were with us last week..and the week before..and the week before that..). DJ E was in tha HOUSE TONIGHT!! She is AWESOME! She is easy to get along with and it showed when she made FRIENDS with the C.B. & POTTS staff and the customers alike as soon as she walked in! The SHOW was FUN and I got two ANSWERS right this week! Lol  C.B. & POTTS threw in some “EXTRA GOODIES” on top of the FIRST, SECOND, and THIRD place PRIZES! We closed out the night with 5 of the 7 teams eagerly waiting to hear who was FIRST! That honor went to TEAM B0*8!3$ (changed for explicit reasons) who came in with A DOMINATING 88 POINTS! Second was TEAM NATIONAL ANTHEM, following it up with TEAM ZACH A**! Good night to all and I ‘ll see ya NEXT WEEK!!!