What a battle of the minds in JAMMIN’ Trivia at the all- new Sanfords- Ft. Collins! Teams were rearing to go as the music started and the game began! The food was amazing as always, the music was getting people in the groove, and the trivia questions had players on the edge of their seats! The game was tight a one til the end, but in the end, the team formally known as Team PitterPatter now, Team Well Hungarians came in first place! Team Jeff came in second followed by Team Kailua in third. Much, much thanks to the Sanfords crew for the great hospitality and the excellent food! Also, thanks to Bud, Bud light, and Cruel for the awesome trivia questions! JAMMIN’ Trivia is happening every Tuesday night starting at 7:30PM at the all-new Sanfords- Ft. Collins! Come take your shot at the title!

DJ Charles