Make Employees Smarter with Trivia Nights at the Workplace

Your restaurant or bar is open, you’re pantry is full, and your waiters are ready to serve. But where are the customers? Although you’d like to see your venue full and bustling, slow Mondays are a common sight for owners. However, it’s time to think outside the box and attract a new audience. With ‘work from anywhere’ trending, why not introduce trivia to businesses and make employees smarter?

So, whether it’s a weeknight or a bad economy, a spark of creativity can do wonders for your business. And with millions longing for a recreational activity during the COVID-19 pandemic while working remotely, trivia nights could make bring your venue to life. 

Introducing Trivia Games to Businesses

From iconic shows such as ‘Wheels of Fortune’ and ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’ to classic board games, Americans love the mental challenge of participating in trivia games.  And for eateries, trivia nights are irresistible opportunities as workers are looking for leisure activities to relax and reduce stress after a long day of work. 

However, trivia can be more than a leisure activity. It can foster improved cognitive skills and agility in employees that can improve businesses. With this approach, many forward-thinking companies turn to trivia games to train employees in fields like art, science, history, finance, and economics. 

And venues are exemplifying this exciting new trend to improve mental performance and enhance creativity. If you own a venue, we recommend you pitch the benefits of trivia for employees to get them on board. 

Here are 5 ways trivia games make employees smarter:

  • Improving Cognitive Skills

Trivia questions provides mental cross-training, stimulating the brain to fire on more cylinders to generate more creativity, innovation, and problem-solving capabilities. 

  • Exemplifying Transformational Play

Trivia games seamlessly shift participants to be more alert and absorb useful information, thus accelerating their learning curve.

  • Facilitating Better Memory

By learning new facts regularly, participants facilitate better memory by exercising memory recall systems in the brain. 

  • Building Community

Corporate Trivia nights are a great way to build a sense of community at work. The exchange of general knowledge and competition provide many opportunities for unique social interactions and communication. 

  • Concept Formation

With streams of information in trivia questions, workers can create new concepts by connecting previously unconnected relationships between events and ideas. This leads to a quicker and better understanding of different subjects. 

Ready to Introduce Trivia to Businesses?

Businesses, employees, students, and others can use trivia games to solve problems and boost productivity. With so much change in 2020, there’s more competition and a need for innovation in the business world. Trivia nights for businesses can bring life to your venue every night of the week and help individuals knock down mental walls and think better. 

And if you want your venue to experience this win-win scenario,  visit Jammin Trivia for more information on corporate trivia.