4 Bar Trivia Rules Everyone Should KnowWe know what you’re thinking. Rules? That’s for losers! Who needs rules when you’re having fun? We get where you’re coming from. But without rules, trivia nights can go from hit to flop quickly. That is if you throw caution (and these rules) to the wind. So, here are the 4 most important Trivia Rules for Beginners you need to note down before heading to the trivia bar.

Ready? Let’s get right into it.

4 Bar Trivia Rules Everyone Should Know

The following are the 4 most important Trivia Rules you should know about, especially if you’re a beginner:


  • No Cellphones = No Cheating


Don’t have a heart attack just yet. No one’s taking your phone from you. However, the point of trivia games is to test your knowledge, memory, and the extent of your devotion to the theme. No one wants you to prove the speed of your internet connection. 

To that measure, make sure no one catches you sneakily running answers by Google to look smart in front of the crowd. Remember, cheaters, are never winners.  


  • No Shouting Answers 


To this we say, please don’t embarrass yourself. If you’re the one in the bar shouting the answers, get ready to be mocked mercilessly. And this only gets worse if your answers are wrong. So, we highly recommend that you try not to act like this. The civilized way of answering trivia questions is by writing down your answers and handing them to the host. This way, no one hates you and everyone has fun.


  • No Arguing


When a bar hosts a trivia night, best believe they’ve done their research. If they’re saying your answer is wrong, believe it and try not to create a scene. However, even hosts are human beings and can be wrong at times. If you’re a diehard fan who is sure of their answer being right, bring up the issue politely. 

State the reason behind your surety and the host will hear you out. Creating a scene and arguing incessantly, on the other hand, is a great way to get yourself banned from the establishment.


  • Keep the Group Small


Don’t forget that a small group of 5-8 takes the same loot as a larger group of 10-15. In fact, in a smaller group, you get to keep a bigger chunk of the loot. So, when the organizers ask you to break up into smaller groups, you better do as your told or don’t play at all.

Want to Learn More Trivia Rules?

It’s okay not to know all the trivia rules if you’re a beginner because there certainly are more. Plus, many trivia hosts and venues set their own rules as well. However, we have highlighted the 4 most important rules every participant should be aware of. 

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