Denver is the capital and most populous city in the state of Colorado. Nicknamed the Mile High City due to its official elevation of exactly one mile, Denver is the heart of the Centennial state. The city boasts vibrant colors, characters, and sophistication. It has an eccentric nightlife, featuring bars, lounges, pubs, restaurants, and breweries, all competing to draw maximum crowds at their venues. 

Traditionally, it’s always been about offering the best music, food, and prices to remain competitive. However, times have changed, and the sophisticated, country-western crowd wants more from venues to gain their interest, especially on weekdays. This is where trivia nights have come in to revamp bar entertainment and attract individuals and groups to answer questions from their favorite shows, movies, sports, and other categories. 

With the trend becoming mainstream, more venues are getting onboard the trivia wagon. If you want to join them and reap the benefits, check out our ultimate guide for hosting a bar trivia night in Denver.

How to Host a Bar Trivia Night in Denver 


  • Scheduling Your Trivia Night


The first step in hosting a trivia night in Denver is to learn why you need to host one in the first place. Are you trying to lure in more customers during lunch hours or weekdays? Are you simply trying to follow the trend set by competitors and go one step further? Regardless of your reasons, you need to pick the right time and date to increase foot traffic and generate additional revenue.


  • Pick a Host


Do you plan to host a DIY bar trivia night? Or, would you like some professional intervention to ensure you get it right the first time? There are many companies in the country the trivia hosting services, meaning all you have to do is pay a specified fee. They’ll take care of everything from the necessities, trivia questions, materials, sound system, and everything else needed. 


  • Choose a Category


When making trivia questions, you can choose from a host of categories, such as sports, movies, TV shows, science, history, and geography. It’s all about understanding your target audience and what they’d be interested in. For instance, if you own a sports bar, you can ask questions related to the Denver Broncos or the Colorado Rockies. If you attract movie and TV show fans, you can ask to host a Friends, Game of Thrones, Marvel or DC, or Stanger Things trivia night. It all depends on what is trending in the community and the overall pop culture. 


  • Set Clear Rules


It’s your venue, so you set the rules for your bar trivia night to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The most common trivia rules include no yelling answers, no cellphones, specified time limits, and scheduled breaks. 


  • Pick Out Prizes


While many Coloradans will want to play for the sake of having a good time with their peers, others will be in it for rewards and prizes. You don’t necessarily have to splash out huge amounts of cash. You can offer merchandise, such as custom T-shirts, free drinks and food, or gift cards in the range of $50-$500. This will incentivize more people to participate and increase the competition. 


  • Advertise Your Trivia Night 


You can’t expect people to show up to your trivia night. You need to promote it on all your business channels, such as your website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The more people know about your bar trivia night, the more chances you have of having a full house. 

Need More Information?

Trivia nights are rapidly becoming mainstream in Colorado and other parts of the country as a fun, recreational activity. So, whether you’re looking to brighten a dull Tuesday or build hype for an upcoming game, movie, or event, trivia games are an excellent way to keep your audiences engaged. So, whether you’re looking for more information on how trivia works or planning to host a bar trivia night in Denver, Dallas, Eugene, or surrounding areas, we recommend visiting Jammin’Trivia.