I don’t know about you, but I hate losing more than I love winning. I’ve had that competitive mindset for my entire life. Whether it’s sports, video games, music competitions, or trivia, I want to win. Some of you saw the title of this article and thought, “Well I have fun at trivia either way.” And that’s fantastic! You’re not infected with this competitive disease. It really is a blessing and a curse. Because while winning gives those of us that have it a huge sense of relief, losing can cause a sense of despair that the mentally stable will never have to feel. So, how do you win? 

First, as with everything in life, practice makes perfect. The more your trivia team goes out and plays, the higher your win percentage will be. Jammin’ DJ’s hosts shows at different venues nearly every day of the week, so there is more than ample opportunity for practice. There are a couple of reasons for this. Obviously, the more you play, the more trivia facts you’ll be exposed to. But to me, that’s not the most important advantage you’ll gain. Playing trivia together often does two very important things that not a many people think about. The first thing it does is build trust. The more questions you witness a given team member answer correctly, the more likely you are to trust them when they’re adamant about an answer. And second, you learn who to turn to when no one is sure. All trivia competitors are not created equal when it comes to certain categories. For example, when a sports question pops up and no one knows the answer for sure, you’ll have a better idea which of your teammates knows sports best, and thus is most likely to score with an educated guess.

The next important tip is not to play the blame game. If one of your teammates answers a question incorrectly, don’t razz them too much. This is particularly important to remember for those of you that hate to lose as much as I do. Yes, they answered incorrectly, but the group went with their answer for a reason. The more you hound a player for an incorrect answer, the less likely they are to speak up the next time they have a correct answer, so keep it civil. 

Jammin’ DJ’s writes multiple new sets of trivia every week for our shows, so come out and see us to employ your new strategies and hone your team’s skills. Winning isn’t everything, but it sure is fun.