Friends going to Trivia NightIf you want to increase engagement at your bar or club, hosting trivia nights can be a good way to go about it. On the other hand, if you’re already hosting trivia nights but want to increase engagement, the following four tips might prove helpful. 

Offer Price Incentive

It might sound like the oldest trick in the book, which it is, but it’s still in the book for a reason. Discounts work. Think like a customer; wouldn’t you love to get discounts too? People love paying less for things they generally pay more for. They’re also likelier to try new places just to get discounts. And no, it won’t create a cheap image of your business. Concerts and festivals worldwide offer early-bird discounts and other event incentives to drive people in. They understand they can make people stay and turn them into customers once they reach the place. Hosting trivia nights with price incentives can do the same for you! If you’re confident in your bar as a place where people would love to stay but are struggling to get people inside the door, then this is a possible solution for you! 


Offer Group Incentive

There’s always a group of friends looking for an activity that fits everyone’s budget. Your club or bar can become their go-to place if you start offering group discounts and other event incentives on trivia nights. The more frequently such groups visit you or the longer they stay at your bar, they are likely to become regular customers. Just remember that trivia nights incentives alone don’t earn customers’ loyalty. You will have to provide great customer service and fun trivia night themes.


Offer Social Media Incentives

How are you even running a business in 2021 if you’re not promoting it on social media? Your business accounts need to be active on social media platforms like Facebook and and offer extra incentives to customers who follow them. You can maybe even engage people on a post by running polls for trivia night themes or have them guess the theme. The people who guessed right could then come in and participate in the event at a discounted price.  If they enjoyed their time at trivia nights and learned that following your business on social media will bring them incentives, they will likely come back to get those trivia night event incentives


Offer Bonus Incentives on Special Nights

Offering bonus incentives on holidays or special occasions ensures traffic at your bar at all times of the year. There are always new people in the city or those without family or friends who would want to go outside and have a good time instead of sulking at home. By offering bonus incentives on such days, you’ll be earning repeat customers. 

Event incentives for all of these methods can be anything from further discounts, free tickets to upcoming games, giveaways, discount codes without deadlines, a round of beer, or anything else that you think your customers will appreciate. However, all of these would work only if the trivia is engaging and fun. So if you’re ever looking for options for trivia games to pair these incentives with, you can contact us here.