The Benefits of Trivia Nights and Answering Trivia Questions
Quick Trivia Questions: What’s the capital of South Africa? What is the most popular drink in the world? What is the largest planet in the solar system?
Whether or not you know the answers, you’re probably wondering what’s the purpose of these questions. Now, picture yourself in a restaurant or bar with a group of friends and strangers, and someone starts asking these questions to the crowd. 
You feel the urge to join the action and have fun, and that is what trivia games are all about.
Why Trivia?
Trivia games are one of the many activities you can participate in the community. Unlike a game of pool, darts, or foosball, anyone and everyone can play. Whether you remember unimportant facts or not, trivia nights allow you to enjoy yourself while working out your brain and socializing with your peers.
What makes trivia games so challenging and fun is that the questions can come from any. One minute, you are trying to remember the 17th president of the United States (Andrew Johnson), and the next, you are racking your brains to name the Undertaker’s opponent at Wrestlemania 20 (Kane). 
When it comes to trivia questions, the possibilities are endless, which is why trivia nights are becoming incredibly popular across the country. Here are the 3 major benefits of trivia games:
Getting Together
Trivia allows you to catch up with your peers amidst all your packed schedules. While you’re answering trivia questions, you’re also reconnecting with people and making new friends. Plus, trivia games provide all sorts of interesting information. As far as social experiences go, trivia is hard to beat. 
Whether it’s a private event, a daily trivia night at a bar, or a fundraiser, you’d be hard-pressed to find an activity as fun and rewarding as trivia.
Take a Break from the Digital World
Trivia offers some great peripheral benefits as well. We live in a world full of distractions powered by smart devices and social media. Focusing deeply on one task at a time has become difficult. While these devices are fun and useful, they have an unintended effect of rewiring our brains to constantly crave stimulation. 
In simple words, our attention span is diminishing because we’re used to instant information and gratification. Trivia games give you a break from screen time since you’re not allowed to search for answers. For a while, you’re free from the hyper-connected world we live in. 
Boost Your Mental Health
Answering trivia questions correctly gives you a shot of dopamine that elevates your pleasure senses. Beyond, short-term benefits, learning, and remembering information can exercise the brain as we age, boosting your neurological function. It’s like an intense workout for your brain. 
Learn More about Trivia Games?
Trivia games are becoming incredibly popular at local eateries and events all over the country. If you’re looking for a trivia night in Atlanta, Denver, Eugene, or Colorado, we recommend you visit Jammin Trivia today.