What an INCREDIBLY FUN night we had at JAMMIN TRIVIA last night!! The C.B. & POTTS crew was MORE THEN PLEASANT (as they always are) and some of thier off duty staff even PLAYED TRIVIA with us! The staff’s team name was AWESOME (can’t mention here) and they were such GREAT PLAYERS, that they even took third place! Being the KIND and GENEROUS staff that they are, they gave their third place PRIZE to the fourth place team (TEAM NATIONAL ANTHEM)! Second place went to TEAM ATLGATOR, who was a one man team (WAY TO GO)! And of course, our reigning CHAMPS, TEAM MASSHOLES, came in FIRST PLACE with AN AMAZING 90 points! The whole show flowed SMOOTHLY, with me on the mic and Jamar running the video and laying down the JAMS! Jamar had the whole place laughing when he played “Who Let the Dogs Out” during the DOG NAMES QUESTION! Big kudos goes to Jamar for keeping things JAMMIN all night (even playing Beastie Boys during the Beastie Boys question)! We ALL HAD A BLAST, and the teams already anounced they will ALL BE BACK NEXT WEEK! See ya then!