1. JAMMIN’ Trivia PUB CRAWL 2015

    We have hundreds and hundred of trivia events each year at JAMMIN' Trivia, all over the state of Colorado. You can find events every night of the week in most every part of town (check out our JAMMIN' Trivia app!) and in the last fifteen years we've gotten quite a following of regulars. The whole year of trivia culminates into one big event in the Spring that brings the best teams together for one…Read More

  2. Emerald Isle – June 5th, 2013

    I went from three teams at start to one team (bartenders) at 830, and the winners came in and answered the last question at about 850. So next week we will be starting at 8 and going til 10.","JAMMIN' Trivia made quite a splash for it's first appearance at The Emerald Isle in Aurora. Starting out with three teams of families and friends the first two rounds were a real blast. Then with both teams …Read More

  3. The Draft – Littleton – June 5th, 2013

    It was a great night at The Draft Sports Grill for some JAMMIN' Trivia! I started, peaked and finished with 6 teams! It was a blast to see so many of my regulars there tonight! We all had a great time with these questions tonight and Emmett did a pretty good job when he would take over the mic and host the show for a bit! It was an interesting night as the scores were all over the place but in the…Read More

  4. Sanford’s – Ft. Collins – June 11th, 2013

    JAMMIN' Trivia was totally AWESOME at Sanfords Grub & Pub - Ft. Collins! The NBA Finals was Playing during the show, so we accommodated both fans and Participants by playing JAMMIN' Trivia during the commercials! It was perfect for guests! Everyone was enjoying the game and playing trivia at the same time! We even played music to make halftime fly by! The Sanford staff was excellent, joining t…Read More

  5. Buffalo Wild Wings – Birghton – June 19th, 2013

    BW3 in Brighton","Yes- All is Good","","","A hard fought scramble tonight, but we came up with three victors: 3rd place Deadwood, 2nd place Low Wattage, and 1st place Don't Know Jack! They now have 10, 20, and 30 dollar Buffalo Wild Wings cards for their next visit. You can too...by playing JAMMIN' Trivia Wednesday nights at 7 in Brighton!) DJ David…Read More

  6. Parry’s Pizza – June 20th, 2013

    It was a fun night of trivia at Parry's Pizza! 4 Teams battled it out for the 3 prizes, which made it very interesting as all teams were so close to leaving with some Parry's cash! Hairy Wombats came back this week and walked away with the top prize of the night. And a couple newcomers came in 2nd and 3rd! Martin took home the 2nd place prize and TR6 got the 3rd place prize…Read More

  7. Taunez Tavern- June 18th, 2013

    JAMMIN' Trivia was great tonight at Taunaz Tavern. We were out on the patio for the first time  tonight and it was awesome, and the energy was crazy. Congrats to evil leaugue of  evil for getting the win tonight and much love to the other 4 teams that partipated. Another great night of JAMMIN' Trivia DJ Emmett…Read More

  8. Platte River Bar and Grill – June 23rd, 2013

    Cool rain, nice breeze, live music and a HUGE patio was the setting for tonight's edition of JAMMIN' Feud.  We set up at the Platte River Bar and Grill for another EPIC night of Denver's NEWEST bar game.  We had ten teams hang out tonight to play in this FREE game, with prizes going to the top three teams.  Our winners tonight only separated themselves by 5 point each..  The equivalent of ONE …Read More