Pop quiz! It’s a Wednesday night and you’re hungry, thirsty, & have a desire to answer random questions! What do you do? What do you do? You come down to Buffalo Wild Wings, on 80th in Arvada for some Jammin’ Trivia! Just make to bring it! What is ‘it?’ I have no idea, but you better make sure you have it and bring it! Because if you don’t, you’re going to have a hard time going up against our teams to get to that Top Three! Especially when there is a night like tonight! We had a team dominate! They were only 2nd place in one round! The rest of the rounds, they were in the lead! It was an unlikely comeback for our second place and third place team who both came from behind to claim their spot! With the drinks flowing (responsibly), wings in the air, and Jammin’ Trivia teasing your brain; that’s a night to remember! Our winners for the night are as follows: 3rd place – Evil Shenanigans, 2nd place – Arcadia, & our 1st place team was Clueless in Arvada! Congrats to all of our winners and specials thanks goes to our sponsors and to Buffalo Wild Wings, on 80th in Arvada for having us! Make sure to come see Jammin’ DJs and I every Wednesday at 7pm for Jammin’ Trivia!