It’s the 1st Jammin’ Trivia of 2013 and it was one for the pages here at Buffalo Wild Wings on 80th in Arvada! Denver’s Best Trivia with an awesome way to kick start the New Year! If you think you’re going to come in here and take on 3-4 teams, think again! We had 12 strong teams with some teams 3-5 members deep! Numbers don’t necessarily win you the game, but they can help! It was an intense night with a good number of lead changes! There wasn’t a team that held a comfortable lead! The winner for the night never lead at any point in the game until the final question! And the second place team held the lead a couple time throughout the night! The winners are as follows: 3rd place – Your Mom, 2nd place – CIA, & our 1st place team was Katie! I’d like to thank our sponsors as well as BWW on 80th for having us!