A 4We have hundreds and hundred of trivia events each year at JAMMIN’ Trivia, all over the state of Colorado. You can find events every night of the week in most every part of town (check out our JAMMIN’ Trivia app!) and in the last fifteen years we’ve gotten quite a following of regulars. The whole year of trivia culminates into one big event in the Spring that brings the best teams together for one last huge event to see who’s the best of the best.

JAMMIN’ Trivia Pub Crawl is for the cream of the crop trivia teams from ALL of our venues to battle in one round of trivia for a huge bundle of prizes. $500 in gift cards to restaurants all over the area, a loaded limo for a night from Denver Limo (www.DenverLimo.com) a charcoal grill, Absolut Vodka and a pile of goodies that made  me quite jealous that I wasn’t a participant. The teams showed up in droves and with twenty four teams there were around 150 people packed into Blake Street Tavern on a rainy Sunday evening.

The excitement and buzz around the place even an hour before JAMMIN’ Trivia started was palpable.A 6 The teams grabbing their beers, drooling over the prizes and imagining what they would do with a night on the town with a limo.

JAMMIN’ DJs had eight of our top guys at the event to make sure it went as smoothly as possible and from my perspective at least it went off perfectly. Top Dog, Bryan Evans, was the MC of the event and the man rocked the show from start to finish.  A huge shout-out as well to the staff of Blake Street Tavern that were as incredible as always and showed up big time to make this a special night. All in all, it just couldn’t have gone much better.

There were cheers and high fives as well as groans and curses thrown all night long but at the end of the evening there were three teams at the top that had a chance to win. The ‘Euphamisms’ and ‘Obi 1’ from the Platte River Grille and K++ from Patxi’s Pizza. Though there were several teams with over 100 points, these three had established themselves at the top of the pack.

A 3Finally after all nineteen questions of JAMMIN’ Trivia, the results were in. The winners of the 1,000+ worth of prizes were ready to be announced. Every team waited with gut wrenching anticipation for their names to be called, hoping that it would be later rather than sooner. Finally, ‘Obi 1’ was announced as the third place team with 108,  ‘K++’ second place with 109 and the winners of the Pub Crawl finals, with 121 points, ‘the Euphamisms’!

Again there was cheering and groaning and exclamations all around and as the winners collected their spoils and the others returned to their beers without a victory their were smiles on all their faces after a good time was had by all. As the crowd began to clear out there was nothing but appreciation and thanks from every one of the teams.  If they had finished in first or last, to a man/woman they had thoroughly enjoyed the night. JAMMIN’ Trivia Pub Crawl was a HUGE hit and it brought an even stronger energy to our trivia going forward.

The big news of the event was that this will be turning into a bi-annual event and the next Pub Crawl finals will be held on the Denver Broncos’ bye week next Fall.

In the words of Bart Scott…