Jammin’ Trivia on a Monday? That’s right, scooter! Tonight was a packed house at Buffalo Wild Wings on 64th, in Arvada for the BCS Championship Game! Also, it was filled with teams looking to knock some cash off their tab! We had nine competitive teams that made everything come down to the wire! There was not a team that held a lead for more than one round! The winner came from behind on the last question! It is a thrill when there are a number of teams in the hunt and it comes down to the last few questions! You never know what to expect! Always remember that Jammin’ Trivia is a game of strategy! The winners are as follows: 3rd place – LoL, 2nd place – Alpaca Punch, & our 1st place team was Alfie! I’d like to thank our sponsors as well as BWW on 80th for having us!