1. Rusty Bucket – June 18th, 2013

    It was a GREAT night of JAMMIN' Trivia at the Rusty Bucket! We started with 6 teams, peaked with 8 and finished with 7. Tough questions this week made it a close one right up until the end! ""Team Name"" took home $30 in Rusty Bucket money as ""Special Ed"" took home $20 and ""Black Forest For Life"" took home the 3rd place prize of a free pitcher of beer on their next visit! DJ Matt Hong…Read More

  2. Hooters – Aurora – June 27th, 2013

    Its was a GREAT night to beat the heat at Hooters on S. Parker Rd.  We had 7 teams show up to play in tonight's edition of Denver's #1 FREE pub trivia!  It was a true ""battle of wits"" as our teams fought it out for the title of ""Smartest In the Bar"".  Cleaning the floor with the rest of the teams, our first place team beat their opponents by 20+ points and for their troubles they were rewar…Read More

  3. Platte River Bar and Grill

    Good Night for JAMMIN' Trivia!  Fun questions. Staff participation as always means everyone is having a good time. The Dewar's girls were there as well handing out samples!! Free trivia AND booze it doesnt get any better than that folks!! Every Tuesday and Thursday night FREE trivia and fun from 7-9pm. Check out our newest event, JAMMIN' Feud on Sundays  same time same awesome place! Congrats t…Read More

  4. Diegos Downtown

    WHat an awesome first night of JAMMIN' Trivia at Diegos Downtown! We had 8 teams battling it out for the top prize, and El Nino went home with the top prize! We will see you guys all next week from 7-9 again at Diegos! Shout out to Cinch, Cruel, and Southern Thread!…Read More

  5. Buffalo Wild Wings – Olde Town Arvada

    Jammin’ Trivia on a Monday? That’s right, scooter! Tonight was a packed house at Buffalo Wild Wings on 64th, in Arvada for the BCS Championship Game! Also, it was filled with teams looking to knock some cash off their tab! We had nine competitive teams that made everything come down to the wire! There was not a team that held a lead for more than one round! The winner came from behind on the l…Read More

  6. Buffalo Wild Wings – Arvada

    Question! What happens every Wednesday? False! Jammin’ Trivia happens every Wednesday! Actually you may have said Jammin’ Trivia at Buffalo Wild Wings, on 80th in Arvada and if you did you are absolutely correct! It was an intense battle of the wits tonight! There were 12 teams total! Not 12 people! Twelve teams! Get the picture? These teams are filled with ‘Thinking Cap’ owners! All of th…Read More

  7. Buffalo Wild Wings – Superior

    Really fun night of JAMMIN' Trivia at BWW in Superior! Glad I picked up a few new markers because we had a packed house, 18 teams! It was the first night of the JAMMIN' Pub Crawl Tourney, so make sure to come back next week! Well done to Euser Friendly! Shout out to Cinch, Cruel, and Southern Thread!…Read More

  8. Buffalo Wild Wings

    JAMMIN' Trivia is without a doubt a blast and playing at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Lakewood just makes it so much better. After DJ Cameron missed the previous two weeks from being on vacation, it was great for him to be back at his regular location. The first week of the annual Pub Crawl Tournament was beyond a good time with about 15 teams there, and just for trivia! It was a packed hour tonight …Read More

  9. Sonomaz

    It was JAMMIN' Trivia's DEBUT Night at Sanomaz! It surely was a lovely venue, food is wonderful and service is top notch. Jammin Trivia brought the whole thing together. Great first night of trivia had a wonderful crowd and the staff was very involved in keeping a great atmosphere.…Read More