Official Show Recap: This place is definitely going to become one of my favorite venues. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to interact with any of the staff. The sound system at this place really rocks! The intelligent lighting is outstanding, but the computer DMX could use a tune up and a quick keyboard mapping. I really enjoyed playing for such an energetic crowd! There were at least twenty line dancers on the floor at one point in the night. The booze was flowing pretty heavy here, but no worries–the security had this place on lockdown. I feel that we could pull much larger crowds downstairs if the manager would permit a country night, a dance night, and a throwback dance night (70’s, 80’s, etc). Perhaps this will come together in the future, but for right now–country is going to work out very well. I was very pleased with the amount of people joining the dance-floor throughout the night; hopefully Blake Street Tavern was too.