1. Sonomaz

    It was JAMMIN' Trivia's DEBUT Night at Sanomaz! It surely was a lovely venue, food is wonderful and service is top notch. Jammin Trivia brought the whole thing together. Great first night of trivia had a wonderful crowd and the staff was very involved in keeping a great atmosphere.…Read More

  2. Burnout Grill

    5 teams battled it out in week one of the 2013 Pub Crawl Tournament. In the end, team Sauced eeked out a win over local favorites The Shamrocks by one point taking the win with 114 points. Things are going to get hot this year during the 2013 Jammin' Trivia Pub Crawl Championship at the Burnout Grill in Milliken on Thursday nights!!…Read More

  3. Darcy’s Irish Pub Gridiron Challenge

    Ohhhh yeeeeaaah! If you missed the Monday night matchup between the Chiefs and the Steelers then you missed a game that went into OT and you also missed the excitement at Darcy's in DTC. We had a full room with everyone playing the JAMMIN' Gridiron Challenge! Good times. Congrats to everyone that joined us and we'll see you all next week!…Read More

  4. Buffalo Wild Wings – N Academy

    Had a great time watching the Steelers and the Chiefs go into overtime with the Gridiron Challenge! Had about 20 people playing, and this group was the most excited about the game that I've had yet! We had a blast. Lots of fun!…Read More

  5. TGIFridays Longmont

    What an awesome night of JAMMIN' Trivia at TGIFridays in Longmont, Colorado! We had 8 teams duking it out for the first place prize, and A Clutch of Fools barely squeaked by with a 2 point victory over team Forty Two! Thanks to everyone who came out and made the night great! Big shout out to Jameson, Cinch, and Southern Thread couldn't do it without you guys! See ya next week!…Read More

  6. City Pub

    What an AWESOME night for Denver's BEST pub trivia, JAMMIN' Trivia. We had twelve (12) teams at City Pub tonight battling each other for bragging rights and some AWESOME prizes from Bud Light, JAMMIN' DJs - Colorado and City Pub! Tonight seemed to be a tough game as many teams struggled through the first two rounds but by the end, the competition was fierce and the teams were close. Congrats to ou…Read More

  7. The Rusty Bucket

    What a great night at The Rusty Bucket for some JAMMIN' Trivia! It was a really fun night! I started with 8 teams, peaked with 9 and finished with 7 teams! It was an interesting night with a lot of close scores. The "relations" category was hilarious and brought some interesting answers in. It was a close call as 4th, 3rd and second place were all within a point of each other but the win, with 118…Read More

  8. Platte River Bar & Grill

    Oh, yeah. If you missed last night's JAMMIN' Trivia at the Platte River Bar & Grill then you missed out on more fun that you can shake a stick at! Have you ever shaken a stick? It's AWESOME! Seriously though, we had a blast! Make sure you're getting prepared for the 2013 Pub Crawl Tournament starting Jan 1st by coming to the shows every week! Congrats to all of tonight's winners!…Read More

  9. C.B. & Potts – Tech Center

    Tuesday night's JAMMIN Trivia was a great time for everyone! We had 3 of our regular teams come by to play, along with 3 new teams just visiting for dinner. The crowd was extra vibrant, with screaming, cheering and clapping. One of the guests did make a comment about how much they love the fast-pace approach to JAMMIN Trivia. They said it was not too quick, but not long like other trivia services.…Read More

  10. Milo’s Sports Tavern

    It was a perfect night for JAMMIN' Trivia at Milo's tonight! We had seven (7) teams compete in tonight's round of Denver's BEST pub trivia! Few teams ALWAYS means BIG action and tonight was no different. Staying neck-n-neck our teams battled it out for an array of prizes from Bud Light, JAMMIN' DJs - Colorado, and Milo's! Our congratulations tonight goes out to Team Gettin' In It for finishing in …Read More