1. How to add one more thing to your weekly routine without totally messing up your week.

    Do you have kids? Do you work late? Or do you just not go out during the week? Well, it's time to get a sitter for the kids for one night (to start), or to take an evening off during the week, Or to go out for dinner and stay to play a game. It’s important to set aside time every week to get out and enjoy something other than your daily routine. Statistics say that a active life is a healthy lif…Read More

  2. Platte River Bar and Grill – June 23rd, 2013

    Cool rain, nice breeze, live music and a HUGE patio was the setting for tonight's edition of JAMMIN' Feud.  We set up at the Platte River Bar and Grill for another EPIC night of Denver's NEWEST bar game.  We had ten teams hang out tonight to play in this FREE game, with prizes going to the top three teams.  Our winners tonight only separated themselves by 5 point each..  The equivalent of ONE …Read More

  3. Taunez Grill – June 25th, 2013

    JAMMIN' Trivia was awesome tonight at Taunaz Tavern, we had 5 teams play tonight and each team was very excited to play trivia. Congrats to Evil League Of Evil for winning JAMMIN' Trivia tonight bye a narrow victory, and thanks to all the other teams who came out and played tonight. All around great night for JAMMIN' Trivia. DJ Emmett…Read More

  4. Applebee’s – Broomfield

    What a night for some Jammin’ Karaoke at Applebee’s in Broomfield! Everyone here had an awesome time! We had singers ranging from Eagles, to Bieber, and we even had Maroon 5 in the house tonight! Food & drinks during Happy Hour plus jams! Keep me from singing and watch free gifts fall from the sky! Catch us every Thursday at Applebee’s in Broomfield from 9pm-12am! A big thank you goes to…Read More

  5. Buffalo Wild Wings – N Academy Gridiron Challenge

    Had a great time watching the Steelers and the Chiefs go into overtime with the Gridiron Challenge! Had about 20 people playing, and this group was the most excited about the game that I've had yet! We had a blast. Lots of fun!…Read More

  6. Broadway Street Lounge JAMMIN Karaoke 10/29/2012

    Dj Tyron, Duane and I had a great time hosting karaokeat the Broadway Street Lounge, Thanks for Eli for steeping a singing some Eminem for us, we heard everything from Bloodhound gang to Jimi Hendrix, can't wait to get back to the lounge and rock out with all our freinds! Be there or be square!…Read More

  7. Off Broadway Lounge JAMMIN Karaoke 10/28/2012

    Can you say Happy Halloween and Jammin Karaoke in the same sentence?! I just did! That is exactly what we had tonight at Off Broadway Lounge! We had tunes from Lyn Skyn, Snoop Dogg, Coolio; thrown in with some Carrie Underwood and Gretchen Wilson! That’s the kind of night we had tonight! It was fantastic! A few patrons even got into the Halloween spirit by showing up in costume! We’d like to t…Read More

  8. AppleBees – Broomfield JAMMIN Karaoke 10/28/2012

    Great tunes equals a great night! That’s why you need to be at Applebee’s in Broomfield! Tonight was filled with cool people with even cooler voices! We had a young gentleman around 8 years old blow everyone away with some Taio Cruz! He wasn’t done, after that he did a wonderful rendition of Journey’s ‘Don’t stop believing!’ It was outstanding! We also had some Alison Krauss and some…Read More