Official Show Recap: This was by far the busiest JAMMIN club night I have seen at Blake Street Tavern. The Saloon bar, and the upstairs venue were packed. I was five minutes late to work today, and I made the mistake of wearing flip-flops. I wont do that again, ever. We started off the night playing hip-hop, and then rolled into the country tunes. When I noticed the dance-floor was beginning to empty out, I took corrective action with some 80’s sing along hits. I filled the floor and was able to get the entire club singing in sync (ok, mostly in sync–the booze added a 1-second delay to most of our patrons). After the 80’s fling, the music switched back to country and the crowd went into the binge boozing mode. It was a ‘sea of green’ here for this St. Patrick’s Day, and I felt somewhat out of the loop without a matching shirt. Bummer. I noticed that after approximately 1am, most of the patrons were heavily inebriated, and were no longer interested in the country music I was playing. After receiving about twenty separate requests to change the format to a more upbeat genre, I caved and provided the audience with a request hour. Requests were made for everything from dance, to dub-step, and of course–top forty. Although most of our dancers were very tipsy, they were also very nice! This is an unusual and pleasant trait in the ‘after-midnight’ crowd. Tonight rocked! I can’t wait until the next big day!