Official Show Recap: The Brothers Bar & Grill is a great place for good times, and vibrant people. Everyone who arrived was interested in the trivia game! Interaction was high, and it seemed that the drinks were bottomless. We started with only two patrons in the bar, so I lured the bartenders into playing. We split the groups up into individual teams for the sake of the game. As the game progressed through round one, we added two more teams to the roster. We peaked with six teams, and ended round three with four final teams. This was a trivia game in which the wager matches completely determined the winners by a matter of two to twenty points. I could tell that the groups who joined the game at the bar were not used to drinking at high altitudes–lucky them! We ended the night with a lightning round that stumped all but one person. He answered six questions correctly to take the lead, and the 25$ gift certificate. JAMMIN trivia was officially a success tonight.