All of the tables were packed when I arrived at C.B & Potts for JAMMIN trivia tonight. There were three teams from last week that recognized me, and called me by name. The staff was extra interactive, which helped me connect with the audience on an entirely new level. Mob mentality took over after the drinks started flowing, and I was able to get a raised level of interaction from the entire bar. Although the greatest amount of interaction was when the Nuggets won the game, I was able to carry that same energy into the next round. I need to learn more about sports whenever I work here, so as not to interrupt the pinnacle points of the game. The staff was pleasant as always, and some of the off-duty employees joined in on the trivia for quite a few rounds. It makes me happy to know that they are interested in the success of the event! The crowd reacted much better when the employees played along with the show too. We started with six teams, and ended with seven. It is so nice to see the same teams competing each week–they are definitely in my “trooper” category now. Scoring was much easier tonight than usual. I feel that these new dry erase cards are great for quick scoring, and overall ease of use. I pumped up the top placing rewards with a strategic amount of dead air, but I still need to figure out how much dead air is too much dead air. There is much to work on, but also much to celebrate here. Jane gave me a high-five with a great amount of enthusiasm (which, according to our high-five scale–symbolizes one step under perfect), so perhaps she’s trying to push me to do better. I hope I never get a double-handed high-five from her, because that would mean I have no reason to work harder.