Official Show Recap: The house was packed for JAMMIN trivia at C.B & Potts – Denver Technical Center tonight. Daniel and I were training and John was the lead DJ. The staff was friendly, and the crowd was interactive. I feel that a large portion of the groups who came for dinner, stayed around for trivia as an added bonus to their night. There was a lot of laughter, and plenty of pint glasses clanging in a celebratory fashion. What a night! The highlight of my night was watching the teams go head to head for the lightning round. Competition was strong, and the winning spirit of Charlie Sheen was everywhere. My only concern with this location was the setup of the DJ in the center of the bar divider. There were approximately fifteen teams who participated from the beginning, but after the end of round three we were down to about ten teams total. The top three teams took home some cool prizes, and stayed even longer to redeem their prizes in the form of liquid courage. Nice people, cool location, fun environment. I am looking forward to returning to this venue