Denver’s BEST entertainers were back at City Pub again with another ROCKIN’ night of JAMMIN’ Trivia! With AWESOME prizes, from City Pub and our sponsors, at stake, 5 teams took part in Colorados #1 pub trivia game. Points were won, points were lost… Every team had the lead at one time… With no clear winner in sight, it all came down to the lightning round..Who’s it gonna be? Team Amazon Suave? Maybe Team Ryan Rox? Or will it be Horsetooth? The lightning round begins… “Name these Famous ‘Birds’.” Howard the Duck? Check! Chris ‘Bird-Man’ Anderson?? Got him! Woodstock? Oh yeah! Who got them ALL? WHO WON??? The points were calculated.. the final tally in… Tonight’s champ? HORSETOOTH!!!! Good job team… Way to win by a… nose? HAHAHA!