Mixed first night flying solo. The night went well from a trivia / audience engagement stand point. Teams were highly-competitive and numerous teams from last week participated. However, there were some notable technical issues: my provided hard-drive, #4, would not recognize on my laptop and, though I could access it before, Murphy enacted his law and nothing I tried (enabling / disabling USB ports etc.) resulted in success. Therefore, I was unable to access the music library. As a work-around, I increased house music by a small amount and waited until each song ended to ensure the smoothest possible transition. The teams did not comment or seem to notice this change (as I was still audible), but the client was frustrated when I explained, understandably. Also, the QuickTime movie seemed to play right through without stopping, which I could have easily paused, but this was not the main issue as I was also unable to get video displayed. I had anticipated connecting to their display as we did last week, but was unable to access the VGA port. (I do not have an HDMI cable and did not see one in the provided cable bin). The above issues all transpired in a very short amount of time after setup so I’m sure there were things I could have done given more time. However, I decided to proceed with the event to prevent the six teams and the client from becoming frustrated with a late-start / flustered MC. Honestly, I rode the night out with a great deal of light-hearted exchange with the teams and a slightly modified Q & A due to video issues. Though I successfully charmed the teams, the client (Ron) was clearly frustrated and I genuinely wish I could have given him a flawless execution. The show did go on however and from an audience stand-point, only the lack of video was an issue and all other aspects of the event were successful. I spoke with Ron after the event, took personal responsibility and apologized for the technical issues. Moving forward, the HD will still not recognize either on my laptop or home PC. It does “chime” when inserted into the USB drive, but does not populate in “Computer” or Windows Explorer (Windows 7). I will email John on how to proceed. From here on out I will have my 2 TB music & karaoke library with me for redundancy in the event this happens in the future. Knock on wood. Adam