1. CB&Potts – Trivia DT Tech Center

    Tonight's JAMMIN' Trivia show was great Tuesday night fun!  A great compliment to follow a long relaxing weekend for most guests, we had great participation tonight!  A bunch of guys in for a bachelor party and the usual fun regulars!   DJ Dan Hardee…Read More

  2. TGIFridays Longmont 04/24/2012

    Great night of JAMMIN' Trivia at TGIFridays in Longmont! OZ walked home once again with the top prize, followed in a close race by We Cheat and Figaro. Snow Daze had a rare off-week finishing outside the top-5 for the first time. Big shout out to Bud Light, Floyd's Barbershop, and Cinch. See you all next week from 8-10!…Read More

  3. Off Broadway Lounge JAMMIN’ Trivia 11/30/2011

    Good night tonight, despite the fear of the on coming storm we had quite a crowed of large teams. Our regulars took the prizes tonight and had a blast rocking to the 80's 90's modern and a little top 40. tune in next week for another exciting edition of JAMMIN' Trivia!…Read More

  4. Jammin Trivia Longmont 11/29/11

    Garett Ross garett@myjammindjs.com to me show details Nov 30 (10 days ago) Fun night of Jammin trivia in Longmont.  All the regulars were there having a great time, as well as some daring new teams that put up a good fight but simply could not hold off the veteran teams in OZ, Snow Daze and others.…Read More