1. Tilted Kilt 05/31/2012

    A light night at the Tilted Kilt as most of Denver enjoyed the warm sunshine, but my diehards were there and fewer teams certainly didn't mean easier competition. Digging themselves out from an early hole, Mouse Rat takes home a huge win, barely holding off a hard charging Bree1 to nab up the $30.00 bar tab!! As always, JAMMIN' Trivia is free to play and we have prizes for the top 3 teams. It all …Read More

  2. Woody’s Tavern – Arvada 05/31/2012

    What an amazing night at Woody's for Jammin Karaoke! The crowd here could not stay off the mic! Good times! Even a few staff members got involved in the Karaoke jam session! We had everything from rap to rock! From Usher to The Doors! Definitely missed out if you weren't here! Don't worry, we'll be at Woody's every Wednesday from Jammin Karaoke!!…Read More

  3. Darcy’s Pub and Bistro 05/31/2012

    Tonights JAMMIN' Trivia at Darcy's Irish Pub and Bistro was absolutely wonderful. With the recent holiday weekend just a couple short days behind us, we had a small intimate crowd that got very involved in our trivia! Each team put forth an effort as we dashed into the lightning round. It was a close call between 2nd, 3rd and even 4th, all separated by one measly point! First place was a landslide…Read More

  4. Applebees Longmont 05/30/2012

    Awesome night of JAMMIN' Trivia at Applebees in Longmont Late night! We had the bar having fun once again competing with the crowd but Harbinger was able to knock Applebees off their pedestal by walking home in first place a whopping 30 points ahead. Big shout out to Cinch, Cruel, and Southern Threads! See you all next week from 9-11 at Applebees in Longmont!…Read More

  5. C.B. & Potts – Tech Center 05/30/2012

    Wednesday night's edition of JAMMIN' Trivia was fun, fun, FUN! The crowd was a bit rowdier tonight. Several returning guest teams (within the last 2 weeks) and a couple of regulars for months.The last round really challenged a few of the teams with some intense questions, but a good time was had by all!…Read More

  6. The Draft Sports Grill 05/30/2012

    Great night at the Draft Sports Grill tonight for JAMMIN' Trivia! Started out with 9 teams, peaked and finished with 8 teams! Lots of fun was had by all the teams. Had one team knock that lightning round out of the park amazingly! Congratulations go to team Gumby for winning tonight! Thank you all for playing, it was great and I hope to see you all again soon.…Read More

  7. Buffalo Wild Wings 05/30/2012

    We had 10 teams at each other's throats tonight, after the 1st round only one team had points as everyone got the bonus question wrong. Fortunately, everyone recovered and we had a couple of local teams at the top fighting for the number one spot. There was a tie at 3rd between Furry Sea Llamas and Acadia and FSL came out with the win. We'll see if there is a grudge match next week with Colorado's…Read More

  8. Buffalo Wild Wings Brighton Colorado 05/30/2012

    11 Teams tonight! Lots of fun, but a TON of controversy over some of the answers. It was quite an unruly trivia crowd tonight, but we made it through the whole night. Top 3 teams: Deadwood, Carribbean Bound (Better with Bacon), and Falcon! Always a good gig, even when it's a crazy one! Gotta' love BW3 Brighton! Good staff participation, as always.…Read More

  9. Lakewood Grill 05/30/2012

    JAMMIN' Trivia continues to snowball out of control at the Lakewood Grill!! We had 8 teams go at it last night in a closely contested match of trivial knowledge. In the end, It's Nicki's Birthday took home 1st place and a couple of pitchers of free beer!! Check out the TWO happy hours and the all new menu at the Lakewood Grill!!…Read More

  10. The Rusty Bucket 05/30/2012

    Great night of JAMMIN' Trivia at The Rusty Bucket in Lakewood! Started out, peaked and finished with 5 teams! Happy birthday to Bill tonight! Had a lot of fun tonight as all of the teams were very enthusiastic and talkative tonight, made things very interesting. Congratulations to team Special Ed for winning tonight! Thank you everybody for making it such a fun night!…Read More