1. Benders Bar and Grill

    JAMMIN' Trivia here at benders tonight had 12 teams, 3 top prizes and 2 teams tied for first place... Go team Sake and team Dalton! Benders trivia night really made for a super competitive game that came down to the final question to determine a winner. Gotta love Denver's best trivia game, Jammin Trivia, it surely is anyone's game at anytime because that's how we do!…Read More

  2. Buffalo Wild Wings, Arvada

    It’s the 1st Jammin’ Trivia of 2013 and it was one for the pages here at Buffalo Wild Wings on 80th in Arvada! Denver's Best Trivia with an awesome way to kick start the New Year! If you think you’re going to come in here and take on 3-4 teams, think again! We had 12 strong teams with some teams 3-5 members deep! Numbers don’t necessarily win you the game, but they can help! It was an inte…Read More

  3. Bender’s Bar and Grill

    First solo DJ trivia gig only had 3 teams but they are regulars and gave me tons of compliments. It was stated I am much better than the last trivia guy. No one knew how to set up the video but I managed without it and everyone was happy. Next week I am meeting with the tech hit to get the video working. Got familiar with bar staff and players love the people and staff can't wait for next week.…Read More

  4. TGIFridays Longmont

    What an awesome night of JAMMIN' Trivia at TGIFridays in Longmont, Colorado! We had 8 teams duking it out for the first place prize, and A Clutch of Fools barely squeaked by with a 2 point victory over team Forty Two! Thanks to everyone who came out and made the night great! Big shout out to Jameson, Cinch, and Southern Thread couldn't do it without you guys! See ya next week!…Read More

  5. City Pub – 10/02/12 – JAMMIN’ Trivia

    We had a good night of JAMMIN' Trivia at City Pub as 8 teams took part in tonight's trivia "battle royal"! Action was a good as it could get through the night and then before you knew it... We went from 8 teams... To four.... That doubled everybody's chance at winning. Even though it was house regulars that won 1st and 2nd tonight... we did have a NEW team take our third place prize. I love when t…Read More

  6. JAMMIN’ Trivia – 10/02/12 – The Rusty Bucket

    Great night at The Rusty Bucket in Lakewood for some JAMMIN' Trivia! Plenty of people showed up to play, started, peaked and finished with 6 rather large teams! My favorite thing about this location is how the teams all like to tease each other throughout the night and last night there was no shortage of that. There was plenty of back and forth in the scores as well as the teams hopped all over th…Read More

  7. Rock-A-Billies 05/31/2012

    Cray night of JAMMIN' Trivia, I got to see A Town A Holes come back in the bonus round and beat A Clowns. The lightning round was really great and proved to be the difference maker between 1st and 2nd. Can't wait to see my regulars next week and for Rock 'n Roll music bingo, JAMMIN' DJs love Rock-A-Billies bar in Arvada!…Read More

  8. Rib House Boulder 05/31/2012

    Awesome night of JAMMIN' Trivia at The Rib House in Boulder! We had 6 teams duking it out for the top spot and Team Kara was finally knocked out of the winners circle by Team Sportsphone! Big shout out to Jameson, Absolut, and Bud Light! See you all next week from 7-9 at your favorite rib joint, The Rib House in Boulder!…Read More